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Class Info

Beginner Yoga
This class will introduce new Yogi's into the world of Yoga. As you begin to learn the poses at a slower pace, you will also become more aware of your body, breath and mind. Even though it is a beginner class you will be feeling all the benefits such as improvement of strength, balance, stamina and flexibility.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
This class promotes a sequence of postures, which is synchronized with breath at a faster pace. Poses are linked together in a creative way- each teacher developing the sequence in their own unique way. The class builds strength, balance, flexibility and stamina in the body whilst also calming the mind.
Core Flow Yoga
This class will lead you through a sequence of postures, paying attention to the synchronization of breath and movement as you flow from one pose to the next. Core stabilizing poses will not only develop and tone the abdominal region, but strengthen the entire body, while improving your balance, flexibility and mindfulness.
Boot Camp
I.R. Boot Camp is an hour-long class focused on strengthening specific muscle groups. Throughout the session, we will work top to bottom of the body, gaining strength and mobility. At the beginning of every class there is a cardio aspect to the warm up and cool down exercises at the end. We will focus on proper technique to gain the most out of every class - by the end you will have had a great full body workout!
Cardio Sculpt
This class is focused on working your muscles to a degree that we are able to improve the range of motion. We focus on cardio and strength exercises the first half of the class and work on maintaining or improving your flexibility in your joints and major muscle groups in the second part of the class. This 45 minute class will get you sweating and stretching.
Barre Fit
Barre fit is a great class if you want to get a hard work out in and feel invigorated afterwards. Using different exercises both at the barre and in the center it is a combination of ballet, pilates with strength and flexibility training. A great whole body work out.